You can catch me at HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC–Friday, June 14-16. 305AA

San Diego Comic Con in San Diego, CA–July 18-21.

New York Comic Con  October 3-6. See you there!

Friday June 14: HeroesCon

5:00 PM Room 203B


Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson (early comics historian and granddaughter of DC Comics founder Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson), ANDREW PEPOY, prolific writer and artist for DC, Archie and others, and JIM AMASH, comic book artist for Archie and Hedgehog and writer for TwoMorrows’ Alter Ego discuss the first comics pre-Superman, featuring early Siegel and Shuster and some of the sassy, smart heroines pre-Wonder Woman.   

Sunday June 16: HeroesCon

12 PM Room 203B

Wonder Woman by Irwin Hasen

A Celebration of Wonder Woman:

Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson (DC Comics Before Superman), COLLEEN DORAN, prolific comics artist and writer, and CHRISTIE MARSTON, granddaughter of William Moulton Marston creator of Wonder Woman discuss why we love the character from the aspects of the mythical origins, history and art of Wonder Woman.